Betsy Aguirre focuses her skills on architecture, highlighted by a natural setting. She is an avid photographer and journeys to romantic, scenic locations to capture her images. She also specializes in air-to-air photography and paints scenes with an aerial perspective and subject. Betsy hails from a family of artists, and under the tutelage of her Father and Grandfather, focused on these subjects from the earliest age. Her favorite artists are John Singer Sargent and William S. Phillips whose ability to use a multitude of colors in each and every brushstroke provides a constant challenge for her to excel. You may find more of Betsy’s work on her web site:

Betsy Aguirre Website

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Balboa Dome

Olive Oil and Peppers

Venice Staircase

Rio Maggiore

arches of antiquity tca edited-1

Arches of Antiquity


assending assisi

Ascending Assisi



Patriotic Portico


palace of fine arts

Palace of the Fine Arts



Beach Walkers