My process is predominantly intuitive. I move pigment around on a surface until it conveys what I feel. There is no predetermined finish or elaborate planning. My paintings are expressions of my life experience, everything which has touched me and moved me along a path to the latest work. If a work does not speak visually, no amount of esoteric rhetoric here will change it. Painting is a discipline which requires passion, devotion, focus and an undying spirit of pursuing something which will never be attained.

"There's a complex simplicity in Stan Kurth's paintings that is both paradoxical and straightforward. As he works with multiple layers of watercolor and gesso, his provocative images emerge. Ambiguity and form coalesce into a singular, cohesive vision that holds the viewer spellbound"

                    Betsy Dillard Stroud - Watercolor Masters and Legends: Secrets, Stories and Techniques from 34 Visionary Artists

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Loner #24  -  20 X 14 inches  -  Watermedia on Paper



Windowpane #14  -  14 X 14 inches  -  Watermedia on Paper



Coastal Anxiety #24



Coastal Anxiety #25