I was always interested in arts and crafts as a child and into my teens. I began college as an art major but changed my major to English due to concerns about making a living in the art world. Along with being a wife and mother, I worked both as a Speech Therapist and as an Aphasia Teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District. This I did for the majority of my work years. However, in my mid fifties I took up watercolor painting, something I had never done during my childhood and school years. I was inspired by the paintings of Charlotte Kerber, the mother of a close friend. I taught myself to paint with books, watercolor magazines, as well as some videos. I would paint an image multiple times and never tire of the repetition. Eventually I joined the Watercolor Society of Oregon and the Oregon Society of Artists and was able to exhibit my work at a variety of events and shows. When we moved to Arizona I joined the Arizona Watercolor Association and have had my paintings exhibited in four AWA Spring and Fall Shows. I received Merchant Awards in three of the four shows. I recently entered an AAG Body of Work Exhibit and have been successfully juried into that show as well. In my later years I have found painting to be a source of joy and challenge. It has introduced me to wonderful people and organizations and I am grateful to be a part of the art world.


kaity Lucy painting
Kaity & Lucy



lily Daniel in pool painting
Lily & Daniel in Pool



Milejody BackyardBegonias
Backyard Begonias



Milejody ControlledChaos
Controlled Chaos



Milejody Paul