Recent retirement from a career in healthcare has given me more time to explore many areas of interest. Painting with watercolor has always been on my “to do” list! I love the wonderful luminous color that can be achieved with this medium. I am predominantly a self-taught artist but have taken workshops and studied with various artists within the community as well as at the Scottsdale Artists School.

I have always been drawn to color! My earliest memory of my love of color goes all the way back to kindergarten! I remember coloring a picture of a Christmas tree. While the other kids were using the “appropriate” green crayon to color their tree, I was coloring mine purple! (I won’t tell you what my teacher said to me!!

Today, I find I love to splash a fun and unexpected color or pigment into my paintings. I don’t always choose color based upon exactly what I see, but rather, what I am feeling at that moment. I enjoy the challenge of attempting to capture the essence of a variety of subject matter from animals and portraits to landscapes and florals. Recent adventures with acrylics and alcohol inks have allowed me to further explore the world of abstract art.

Many of my own personal pieces are “framed without glass”. That is, they are mounted onto a cradled board, solid board, or painted onto gallery wrapped frames and then sealed and varnished to protect them from the environment.

My art, as well as my love of playing the piano, have taught me that one must enjoy the journey and not worry so much about the destination! It is a wonderful thing to lose track of time while doing something you love.

2015 – AWA Fall Membership Exhibition; Juror: Lian Quan Zhen
2106 – AWA Spring Membership Exhibition; Juror: Mel Stabin
2016- AWA Fall Membership Exhibition; Juror: Robert Burridge

2016 – Merchant Award - AWA Spring Membership Exhibition - “Just Five More Minutes Please!”
2016 – Best of Show – AWA Fall Membership Exhibition – “ Sweet Lucy”


 ValeMary SweetLucy
Sweet Lucy


Desert Tuna

ValeMary ZuZus Stogie
Zu Zu's Stogie

Whiskers on Kittens


Pixeled Pricklies

ValeMary Just5moreminutesplease
Just 5 More Minutes Please!