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Phoenix, Arizona 85022
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About the Artist

Norman is a native of Arizona, born in Glendale, reared and educated in what is now considered the Greater Phoenix Area.  With his wife, Ann, they have celebrated over 56 years of marriage having two children and three grandchildren.  He received his degrees from Arizona State University.  Upon entering college, his original career goal was to become an advertising artist, however circumstances intervened and without regret, he followed a career path that ranged from briefly teaching high school art followed by being a high school counselor, assistant principal, principal of several Glendale Union District high schools and retired as Associate Superintendent of the Peoria Unified School District. 

Being a school administrator, he found it difficult finding time to paint for many years.  Upon retirement he returned to his first love, the visual arts.  For the past 20 years Norman has renewed his painting through individual study with other professional artists, attending workshops, participating in critique groups and visiting many art museums in the major cities of America and Europe.    

He concentrates on juried exhibitions in the Greater Phoenix Area but in the past several years his works have been accepted and received honors in National and International exhibitions, namely the International exhibition of the San Diego Watercolor Society, The National Watercolor Society and  Arizona Watercolor Association's National exhibitions. His works have been purchased nationwide and hang in several hundred homes in the Greater Phoenix Area, including those in corporate collections. 

I am a juried member of:  Arizona Artist Guild
A signature member of:    Arizona Watercolor Association
A signature member of:    Contemporary Watercolorists of Arizona

Artist's Statement

I am experimental by nature which may account for my array of technique, style and subject matter.  Although my work ranges from realism, abstract to the nonobjective, mood and feeling are often the basis for much of my work. I use transparent watercolor for it's spontaneity and acrylics for vivid color.   I may use both simultaneously for maximum effect and at times may incorporate collage as an extension of the creative process.  I attempt to create an emotion or feeling through the use of strong color, unique forms and sharp contrast without simply relying on subject matter.  During the process of painting, I look for abstract forms and allow the painting to evolve in it's own unique way.  Painting for me is a discovery process allowing for much more than just reporting the seen.



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Music Makers



Spirit Dancer