Scottsdale, AZ

“It is a happy talent to know how to play”

                                          Ralph Waldo Emerson


As an experimental artist with a strong background in design, Jo finds joy in bringing the intuitive nature of play together with the more formal elements of design.  Line is a recurring element through most of her paintings and for her, line is about connection.  It is the common element that runs through the painting and adds a sense of structure.  Line is the path that starts the journey and creative shape, color, texture and composition are the destinations.   Jo's motivation for all of her paintings is always the same - experimentation.   She gets a little idea, wiggles it around in her mind for awhile, puts a few lines down on the paper and watches that little idea take on a life of its own.  Like a woman who writes to discover what she is thinking,  Jo paints to find her vision.

In 2009 Jo was selected for the annual “Ones to Watch” feature article of Watercolor Artist Magazine.   Her works can also be seen in The Artist’s Muse by Betsy Dillard Stroud, Creative Composition and Design by Pat Dews, and the magazine, Watercolor Magic, issues Feb 2003 and Feb 2005.   Jo won an award in the very first show she entered in 2002 and has continued to win awards throughout the years.  In 2012 she was honored to receive 1st Place in Acrylic in the Glendale Arts Council 49th Annual Exhibion and both Best of Show and the President's Purchase Award in the Arizona Watercolor Association Fall Exhibition.

She has recently begun to teach workshops and classes and finds great delight in sharing her unique techniques as well as empowering fellow artists to find both new joy and direction in their art.


2009    Watercolor Artist Magazine, “Ones to Watch” feature article, December 2009     

2006    The Artist’s Muse, Betsy Dillard Stroud, FW Publications

2005    Watercolor Magic, “Unmask Your Creativity” by Betsy Dillard Stroud, February 2005

2003    Creative Composition and Design, Pat Dews, FW Publications

2003    Watercolor Magic, “A Line to Creativity” by Betsy Dillard Stroud, February 2003.


Best of Show, 2012 AWA Fall Ehibition

President's Purchase Award, 2012 AWA Fall Exhibition

First Place Acrylic, 2012 Glendale Arts Council 49th Annual Fine Arts Exhibition

Best of Show, 2011 Contemporary Watercolorists ASU Gammage Exhibition

Award of Merit, 2010 AWA Spring Exhibition

Purchase Award, 2009 Vistas Exhibition, Church of the Beatitudes Arts Council

Award of Excellence, 2009 AWA Spring Exhibition


2013    Chandler Center for the Arts, Waterworks Exhibition, Chandler, AZ

2012    Arizona Watercolor Association, Fall Exhibition, Scottsdale, AZ

2012    Glendale Arts Council 49th Annual Juried Fine Arts Exhibition, Glendale, AZ

2011    Contemporary Watercolorists of AZ, ASU Gammage, Tempe, AZ                

2010    Waterworks Exhibition, Glendale Community College, Glendale, AZ

2010    AWA National Watercolor Exhibition, ASU Fletcher Library, Glendale, AZ

2010    34th Annual Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibition, West Valley City, Utah

2010    Contemporary Watercolorists of AZ, Spring Exhibition, Scottsdale, AZ

2010    Arizona Watercolor Association, Spring Exhibition, Phoenix, Arizona

2009    Vistas Exhibition, Glendale, Arizona

2009    Arizona Watercolor Association Fall Exhibition, Fountain Hills, Arizona

2009    Arizona Watercolor Association Spring Exhibition, Glendale, Arizona

2008    Arizona Artist Guild Fall Exhibition, Fountain Hills, Arizona

2008    Arizona Watercolor Association Fall Exhibition, Scottsdale, Arizona

Professional Affiliations:

Arizona Watercolor Association

Contemporary Watercolorists of Arizona



Toye Jo All Jazzed Up
All Jazzed Up



 The Waltz
The Waltz






 Unspoken 1



Beyond Words
Beyond Words



 Open My Heart 200dpi
Sacred Conversations: Open My Heart



 Sacred Conversations Lost and Found 1
Sacred Conversations: Lost and Found #1



 Sacred Conversations Lost and Found 2
Sacred Conversations: Lost and Found #2



Fully Alive
Sacred Conversations: Fully Alive



Sacred Conversations God of Hope
Sacred Conversations: God of Hope



Sacred Conversation The Best Part 1
Sacred Conversations: The Best Part #1



Sacred Conversations Fullness of Joy
Sacred Conversations: Fullness of Joy



 Just Before Twilight
Just Before Twilight



Beyond the Veil
Beyond the Veil



 Rythms of Change
Rhythms of Change



After the Rain 72dpi
After the Rain



 Toye Jo Liquid Gold
Liquid Gold



Seasoned Opponents
Seasoned Opponents



 Five and Diner
Five and Diner






 Dancing the Blues
Dancing the Blues



 Wrinkle in Time
Wrinkle in Time