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ARTIST STATEMENT:  The creation of art is the discipline of free minds. The Arts allow a human being to take all disciplines and use them to create emotion, beauty, humanism, and feeling.  They are what make us human and humane. This is my credo as an educator. In my paintings, my goal is to create a continuous dialogue and interaction between the painting and the painter through the manipulation of materials and techniques. For me, the excitement of painting comes in thinking outside the box, by creating an element of surprise and sustaining that interaction between the viewer and my painting.

ARTIST BIOGRAPHY:  My hometown of Brookfield, Illinois was a perfect place to grow up because it was a small town southwest of the city of Chicago.  After high school, I attended the University of Denver where I received a BFA in Visual Art and Art Education.  I pursued my education with a ME from Lesley College.  My career was in education, teaching junior high school and middle school Visual Arts in Jefferson County, Colorado for 30 years. After retiring, Steve, my husband and I moved to Anthem, Arizona.  Since becoming an Arizona resident, I have returned to my passion for painting.

Painting in watercolor, acrylics, and mixed media, I consider my work to be a form of expressionism, with a strong emphasis on color.  Because I usually do not preplan my paintings, each one becomes a new journey, a new discovery.  It is an interactive way of painting, spontaneous and dynamic. Each painting evolves as I paint it. This evolution is largely the interaction of color and design where imagination and freedom are large factors in its development.  For me, the excitement of painting is in the creation of a continuous dialogue between the painter and the painting.  This dialogue takes on many faces, like the passage of a good book, or the notes of a great piece of music, or the rhythmic dance steps shared with your partner.  My passion lies in thinking outside the box an creating some element of surprise or the unexpected.  My hope is to sustain this interaction and environment so that those who view my paintings will also listen and dance.


After the Dance



Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass
33 X 41 inches







Moulin Rouge 1
Moulin Rouge