By Liz Ramsey

Tom’s journey to his present day unique style had many twists and turns. He went to NAU on a band scholarship to become a forest ranger and ended up in art!!! So here we have a tremendously talented gentleman who loves the outdoors, music and art. You couldn’t ask for a better trio. He received a teaching certificate and taught art at Cortez High School for 31 years. He taught in the following media; copper, gold, silver jewelry, plastics, leather tooling, copper tooling, enameling, pencil drawing, acrylics and oils. He produced bronze, welded steel, stone and wood sculptures. Watercolor would come later!


Presently Tom works with Createx Pure Pigments and coated cover paper. He identifies this as the easiest, most forgiving, fun and cost effective medium he has ever encountered. His painting style is part sculpture, part print making and part looking for pertinent ideas to define his art. He uses watercolor techniques of looking for interesting shapes, trying to find composition that fits the shapes, textures, lines and colors. The results are often serendipitous. He confesses to be amazed at the reception he receives for his unique and splendid art.


Tom is passionately excited about color, drama and things that tickle his dry sense of humor. He also likes to shock his viewer often producing an image that is least expected. He feels that his paintings “happen” and he often relies on momentary inspiration. He said, “I do my paintings because I can’t not do them. I do what comes to mind after delivering the initial pours.” Tom composes as he works on a painting. He talks about his process being, “quivers to his psyche!!” He reacts and then produces exquisite results.


He works on 8 to 10 paintings at a time, and is presently working on a green and violet woody cliff area with 9 or 10 herons grouped at the base of a hill. He enjoys painting animals, the outdoors, color, texture and space. His studio is often out in the backyard under mesquite and citrus trees. When he is not painting he can be found tramping around the desert, working in the garden, reading, fishing, napping or enjoying his family.


National and state recognitions have been generously awarded to Tom Some awards are from Taos W.C. S. National, Arizona Aqueous and AWA national. He is especially pleased when his fellow artists think his work is worthy. He continues to hone his artistic endeavors by belonging to several critique groups and entering shows. His retrospect is one of a rewarding career and a life of enjoying beauty, art and his incredible family and friends.


A Melody
A Melody, 25 X 25 


A Sun Fish 26 X 18
A Sun Fish 26 X 18


An Arizona Seldom Seen
An Arizona Seldom Seen


In a Pear Tree 34 X 26
In a Pear Tree, 24 X 36


Last Bloom 34 X 26
Last Bloom, 34 X 26


Pushing Up Daisies 24 X 17
Pushing Up Daisies, 24 X 17