After teaching for 40 years, it feels good to create art on my own terms. As a child, I wanted to be an architect, and I loved playing with my huge set of blocks. I had a room full of blocks that I never had to put away. This is likely why my work often shows a lot of geometric shapes. I see geometric shapes everywhere. In my work you will often see squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles. I also love color, movement and texture. It is the art elements that are my subject matter taking my focus to the basics of design. I use them to play with asymmetrical balance creating unity of composition. And finally I love to throw in a touch of spice to add excitement and interest in the work.

Events and Honors:

  • M.A. in Art Education, California State University, Los Angeles
  • Author of 4 books to show teachers how to teach art to elementary students
  • Arizona Award for excellence in Education, 1995
  • Art Educator of the Year for Arizona, 1995
  • Pacific Region Elementary Art Educator of the Year, 1996
  • Presenter at National Art Education Association Conferences, 1992 and 1996



  • Designer for VIDA, scarves and tops using my paintings,
  • Docent at the Phoenix Art Museum
  • Member:
    • Arizona Artists Guild, juried
    • Sonoran Art League
    • Arizona Art Alliance


  • Sonoran Art League’s show at el Pedregal at the Boulder’s Resort, 2017
  • State shows with Arizona Artists Guild
  • Arizona Art Alliance shows
  • Harumi’s Healing House, one-woman shows, 3 years, Scottsdale
  • Arizona State Fair
  • One-woman shows at:
    • Fair Trade Café, Phoenix
    • Urban Bean, Phoenix
    • Copper Star Coffee, Phoenix
  • Group shows:
    • De Soto Market, Phoenix
    • Ice House Gallery, Phoenix
    • Herberger Gallery at the Arizona Center, various shows
    • Beatitudes and Devonshire Campus shows, Phoenix
    • Universal Unitarian, Scottsdale
    • Phoenix Center for the Arts
  • Up-coming one-woman show at Olney Gallery at Trinity Center Cathedral, Phoenix
  • Member of artist co-op at The Artery in Central Phoenix for four years participating in First Fridays every month


 mapping the escape
Mapping the Escape

emerging from the fog
Drifter, Emerging from the Fog

towel and sun lotion
Towel and Sun Lotion

shall we dance
Shall We Dance?