Landscape architect and natural resource planner Samuel A. Morse’s art works blend his professional background, love of nature, and sense of guardianship of the natural processes of our environment.

Like many artists, his interest in art began at an early age. Being dyslexic, he compensated for his impairment through the enchantment of drawing planes and trains. He hid his artistic talent until high school when he studied under a noted Cowboy Hall of Fame artist.

Samuel’s varied living environments from the mountains of Colorado, the hustle-bustle of the New York City area, farmlands of Illinois, apple orchards of Washington, and the Arizona deserts have provided his wide spectrum of painting subjects.

Since most of Samuel’s design work is now performed on the computer, his studies over the past several years under local talented artists have been a creative outlet… resulting in his being a succcessful juried artist. His art portrays nature as a constant yet dynamic process of beauty and harmony for all to love, value, and enjoy.

Samuel A. Morse

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Blends of Precise and Free Flow



Canyon Snowstorm



City Square



Deep Sea Adventure



New York Skyline



The Hidden Heart